School Council


Having a School Council gives the pupils the chance to voice their opinions and raise concerns. This creates an environment where children feel valued and gives them a structured opportunity to make an input into the daily organisation of the school and to help in planning its future.

The School Council is made up of 14 children, 2 representatives from each class, voted on by their peers. There is also a Chair and vice Chair who hold and lead the meetings every two weeks. The minutes are taken by a nominated School Council member. This encourages the pupils to begin to take responsibility for their lives at school and experience a responsibility for their direct community.

The School Council regularly suggests ways to raise money for charity, supporting Red Nose Day, Children in Need and Cancer Research. They recently wanted to improve playtimes and raised money to buy additional equipment e.g., bats, balls, hoopla.

Following comments from local villagers, they have arranged Scooter Training sessions to ensure that all children who come to school by scooter are aware of basic safety and pavement courtesy.

The School Council meets regularly with representatives from Whole School Meals to discuss any issues and have participated in taste tests to help decide the Menu choices, also using ideas collected by questionnaire from their peers.

After discussions with their classes, it was decided that new class mascots were needed so a trip to Build a Bear was organised to make some. The original ones were subsequently raffled off and we are presently discussing what to spend the money on.

The School Council is represented at Consortium Meetings with other schools and also at District School Meetings.