17 May

Safety In Action 2022 (Year 6)

Today we visited 'Safety in Action 2022' run by Kent Police.


13 May

Planting Sunflower Seeds at Forest School (Year 6)

Year 6 – planted sunflower seeds – a legacy to be passed onto the rest of the school as we will harvest the seeds and use them with next year’s year 6

11 Mar

Celebrating the NSPCC Numbers Day

Today we celebrated the NSPCC World Numbers Day. We could dress up in number related costumes and took park on lots of maths challenges and activities.

4 Mar

Celebrating World Book Day (Year 6)

Today we celebrated World Book Day. We were able to dress in costumes and had a magical theme to celebrate 25 yeas since the release of the first Harry Potter book.

3 Feb

Orienteering and Map Making at Forest School (Year 6)

We studied map making and orienteering at Forest School

27 Jan

Participating in 'Conscious Alley' (Year 6)

The children participating in a 'conscience ally' to persuade our character, Zoe,  to either leave Eels Island, or stay.

24 Jan

Character Studies 'Floodlands' (Year 6)

Character studies produced by the children of their class reader 'Floodlands'

20 Jan

Science - Circuits (Year 6)

We have been studying circuits in our Science Lesson 

10 Dec

Survival of the Fittest at Forest School (Year 6)

Survival of the Fittest at Forest School in the rain with super resilient year 6!!

30 Nov

Celebrating Christingle (Year 6)

Today we celebrated Christingle. Although we couldn't all join together at the church we celebrated this in our classroom watching Year 2's service from St.Mary's.

12 Oct

Restart a Heart (Year 6)

Today, we had a visitor from Kent Fire and Rescue Service who taught us how to … Restart a Heart. Year 6 had a practise using their newly learnt skill, all to the beat of Baby Shark - which gives us the perfect timing for CPR!
Year 6 were full of thoughtful questions and were welcoming and…

18 Jul

WW2 (Year 5)

Year 5 WW2 day!
From air raids to baking rock cakes the children had the best time being WW2 evacuees. Here are some photos of our day. The children all looked amazing!