5 Jun

WW2 Gonks (Year 5)

DT - sewing
In year 5, the children have made WW2 Gonks, as their DT project. They have has to show lots of perseverance and collaboration to learn to sew. They look amazing! 

4 May

WW2 Day (Year 5)

WW2 Evacuee Day - Led by Mr O'Sullivan

Our WW2 day has been a fantastic success. The children were brave evacuees, disciplined soldiers and most of all respectful and welcoming to our WW2 specialist. The children fully immersed themselves in today’s experience and enjoyed the practical…

27 Apr

Science Stem Investigation (Year 5)

The children have taken part in a 3-day (STEM) science investigation. We were joined by a real scientist, from discovery park, who helped us understand more about industry and inspire us to conduct the investigation on how to make a cough syrup. The first investigation was to find the best active…

11 Mar

Learning about Ancient Greeks (Year 5)

This term we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks

11 Mar

Gymnastics this term for PE (Year 5)

This term we are doing gymnastics and thought we would share with you some photographs from this week's lesson.


9 Mar

Separating Materials

This week in science we have been learning about separating materials.


9 Feb

Online Safety Day (Year 5)

For Safety Internet day, year 5 looked at how we can keep ourself and our friends safe online. We discussed the differences between; banter, teasing, bullying and joking. 
We then created dice to show scenarios of the above for our friends to then decide if it showed; banter, bullying, teasing…

3 Feb

Greek Inspired Headress and Mud Pots

Greek headress - for the Olympics / mud pots inspired by the Greeks!

16 Dec

Area and Perimeter 2021 (Year 5)

This is some of the techniques we have used when learning about area and perimeter.


16 Dec

Air Resistance and Friction

Our topic this term has been forces. This week the children deigned boats thinking about how to make them streamline, so their boat would sail through the water faster, having less water resistance.
The children raced their boats, recorded their findings and then evaluated how they would improve…

16 Dec

Viking History (Year 5)

This term the children have been learning about Viking history. They have gained a lot of knowledge on how Vikings lived, travelled, their Gods and Viking women (question your child, see what they have learnt). We were also observing and drawing different geometrical patterns, to then design and…