We are really proud of our music ! 

Music is delivered using a variety of teaching methods: including delivery to the whole class, groups, and individuals that take account of the different learning styles of the pupils. 


We want the children to have a deep love and enjoyment of music.  We learn to sing and use the voice to create and compose music. We understand and explore how music is created with reference to pitch, duration, dynamics, temp ,etc.

Music provision

We aim for every child to be able to play an instrument to varying degrees of ability by time they leave the school. Music lessons in most year groups are in  the main led by one of our staff teachers.

  • Year    1 to  2  learn the ocarina
  • Years  3,to 4   lean the recorder
  • Year    5          learn the ukulele 
  • Year    6          continue with the recorder

In addition the school has a School Choir that sometimes sing for the whole school as well as inter-school and community festivals.

Additional peripatetic tuition is provided outside curriculum hours, mainly during lunch breaks. 

Children are currently offered: guitar, recorder and keyboard. The tuition is provided by All Sort of Music.

The school has a vibrant and enthusiastic  ensemble consisting mainly of recorder players who  accompany and perform during weekly school collective worships.