24 Nov

Our Science Experiment with Materials (Year 1)

In Science, the Koala's have been learning about materials. 
We did an experiment to see what would happen when certain materials were heated and cooled. 
We tried: cheese, chocolate, an ice cube, jelly, wax and bread. Before the experiment began, the Koala's predicted what they thought would…

17 Oct

The Retelling of 'The Gruffalo' (Year 1)

This week we have been learning the story 'The Gruffalo'! The Koala's have loved re-telling it and today we had a trip to the 'theatre' and got to watch groups perform the story! They were all incredible and loved playing their parts.

I am so proud of them all, as they watched respectfully and…

13 Oct

Sculptures Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy (Year 1)

In Koala class, we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy who creates sculptures out of natural materials. We then planned and created our own inspired by him! 

Lots of the Koala's created animal sculptures... I wonder if you can work out what they are. 

The classroom was then turned…

25 May

Super Subtractions (Fledglings)

Some super subtraction with Miss Beck! 
We started with a full bus load of dinosaurs, then rolled the dice. We had to take that many dinosaurs away and work out how many we were left with. We did so well! 

18 May

Sea Topic (Fledglings)

As part of our under the sea topic, we had a very fishy afternoon in fledglings class! Some of us volunteered to touch something hidden under a box, and tried to describe to our friends what it felt like....wet, gooey and slimy were the words we came up with! Then Miss Riggs took the lid off and…

13 May

Planting Seed Potatoes in Forest School (Fledglings)

Planted seed potatoes whilst they read ‘Supertato’ by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra in class.

17 Mar

Inspire Day - Holi (Fledglings)


Our Holi Inspire Day 2022

15 Mar

Alien Activities (Fledglings)

Fledglings have been AMAZED by alien activity this week! After seeing a mysterious unidentified flying object landing in our playground through the CCTV, we went outside to investigate further. What we found was both amazing and shocking! 
First we found alien slime, followed by a bright yellow…

11 Mar

The Man on the Moon (Fledglings)

We've been enjoying learning all about Bob the Man on the Moon this week! 
Here's our own spaceship that we built during discovery time. 

In other news, maths has been focusing on 3D shapes this week! We've been using words to describe the different shapes we've learned like flat, curved,…

9 Mar

A Message from the Man on the Moon

Bob from the story ‘The Man on the Moon’ sent us a message! (Please see the video link below.) He might not think aliens exist but we certainly do! Photos of our aliens coming soon! 

11 Feb

Jack and the Beanstalk (Fledglings)

Much to our surprise, after reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, our magic beans actually worked!!!! After we had left them on the floor they must have sprouted - even without the things that we learned most plants need to grow! (That's water, sunlight and, in most cases, soil!) Our…

31 Jan

Combining Two Groups (Fledglings)

Fledglings started learning how to combine two groups this week. We started with pegs, but quickly moved onto using a “part part whole” diagram. Superstars!