At Eastry parent engagement is invaluable to help us plan and improve the school for the benefit of all our children. This done through a number of ways including parent surveys and our termly' Partnership with Parents' meeting.

Please see below the results of a latest parent survey.

We also asked parents and cares to share examples of learning or opportunities their child had enjoyed through the year. Here are some of the views parents and carers shared with us:

  • 'Lunch Club'
  • 'inspire days school trips after school clubs sports day proms on the playground'
  • 'Amazing opportunity at the great big dance off'
  • 'Great Fire of London project - really engaged with this immersive project, still recalls facts about it now.'
  • 'Fledglings - many of the learning opportunities have been so engaging, gingerbread men running away, aliens landing in the playground, these have really captured my child's imagination!'
  • 'Forest School is always a highlight of the week for both children.'
  • 'Being accepted into a new school'
  • 'Inspire days.'
  • 'My child love this school … and specially The teacher.'.
  • 'My child enjoyed the WW2 workshop'
  • 'Forest school, ballet, parachute, interaction with other school years, PE.'
  • 'My daughter has loved Forest school and is always eager to learn and shows great interest in each of the topics each term. Miss Leishman has used lots of different methods to encourage the children to learn about the topics such as making their own chocolates when learning about Charlie and the chocolate factory to making their own woolly mammoths when learning about the Stone Age. She helps to ensure that learning is fun and engaging and I believe that my daughter is encouraged to achieve to her full potential. Communication has been brilliant and when my daughter has struggled at school we were informed so that we were able to support her at home also and ensure continuity of care. My daughter loves Eastry school and always goes through the gate with a big smile on her face and eager to learn'
  • Learning about the ocean/rubbish and impact it has on the planet.
  • 'Iron Age and pirates have been a fab!'
  • 'WW2 day spoke about STEM project leading worship'
  • They loved learning songs to help them remember
  • 'They loved the production and residential What a way to end a great time at Eastry. We'll miss you next year'
  • 'Everyday I have tales of fun and enjoyment- thank you. They love learning'

We also asked for any further suggestions or comments for the school and here is an example of some of the replies we received:

  • 'We love Eastry the staff want the best for the children and create great opportunities for them. Mrs Moss is always helpful and smiley we love her'
  • 'Perhaps a little more push for the high achievers. '
  • 'The school is amazing, everyone is so kind and caring, just outstanding in all areas.'
  • 'This is a good school that I am happy to send my child to.'
  • 'This is everything a school should be. Engaging learning, helpful and caring staff. Mrs Moss and team are excellent.'
  • 'My only comment this year, is due to the financial constraints at present, there have been quite a few fundraising, trips asking for monies (which i understand and happy to pay), photos, to name a few - all appeared to come at once and it can make things difficult. Please bear in mind for future money requests to avoid all in one go.'
  • 'This is an outstanding school. The staff has always gone more and beyond especially during the pandemic. Eastry school has very strong values and is very child focused. My daughter loves this environment and always speaks positively about her teachers.'
  • 'So happy to see them run into school everyday'
  • 'The staff make a huge difference and Mrs Moss and Mrs Inglis in particular are wonderful'
  • 'What a great way to start school staff have done all they can to make my child feel welcome and included at school. They love coming in. I can't fault it.'
  • 'Dojo is so helpful to communicate and to see what they have been doing. They also love knowing they have dojo points and my two compete against each other'
  • 'Having had several headteachers over the past few years Mrs Moss is everything a primary headteacher should be, approachable, learning focused and fun.'
  • 'Mrs Williams has helped her progress this year and then to see all the staff taking part and encouraging the children on residential is heart warming. Thank you all'
  • 'Thank you to the office staff and teaching staff who make such a difference'.
  • 'We would not have got few the past couple of difficult years if it had not been for Eastry School. Thank you.'
  • 'My child begs to come to school at the weekend!'
  • 'Another fabulous year, thank you.'

Thank you to the parents and carers for their comments and ideas, it is very much appreciated by all the staff, and helps us to continue to improve the school for the benefit of all children.


'Partnership with Parents' meetings are held termly covering different topics. These are available to attend in person and join via zoom. Recent topics covered are:

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