21 Oct

How Ancient Egyptians Traded (Year 4)

Year 4 have been considering how and what the ancient Egyptians traded. We considered what goods the Egyptians had in abundance which they could then export to neighbouring counties and continents. We then looked at what the Egyptians could import using the Nile as their main trading route such as…

19 Oct

Food Chains (Year 4)

Pupils have been putting their learning about food chains to create their own food chains and webs. Children considered what to put as their producers before carefully considering the consumers including herbivores, carnivores and omnivores that would create their food chain and show the transfer…

17 Oct

Making Egyptian Objects in Forest School (Year 4)

In Forest School we continued learning about Egypt by building some of our own Egyptian objects.

11 Oct

River Features (Year 4)

As part of our topic looking at rivers, year 4 have been identifying features of a river and the three main parts which make up the whole. We started with the source - a spring in the mountains, before more tributaries and other river sources come together to create an expansive river which joins…

19 May

Stone Age Workshop at Kent Life (Year 3)

We had an amazing day taking part in a Stone Age Workshop at Kent Life today and would like to share some photo's of the day with you.

13 May

Woolly Mammouths for our Art Project (Year 3)

In art we created some Woolly Mammoth which also links to our Stone Age topic. 

15 Mar

Celebrating NSPCC Numbers Day

Today we celebrated the NSPCC Numbers Day. We took part in lots of number related activities and the whole school had a competition to see which class could fill an empty bottle with the most coppers!

8 Mar

A delivery from Mr Willy Wonka

Today we had a delivery from Mr Willy Wonka!!

He asked us to use our senses to describe his very new invention!

It had a selection of chocolate which covered marshmallows, scattered sprinkles and jelly sweets.

The Oompah Loompah was also very clever as he had been listening to our lessons…

4 Mar

Celebrating World Book Day (Year 3)

We had great fun today when we celebrate World Book Day with our theme being something magical.

31 Jan

Layers of the Earth (Year 3)

We used play dough to create each layer of the earth! When we cut our world open, we could see the inner core, outer core and mantle.


28 Jan

Victims of Pompeii (Year 3)

We have used clay to create our very own models of the victims of Pompeii.

26 Jan

Paper Mache Volcanoes (Year 3)

We worked collaboratively today to create our very own paper mache volcanoes!
We are looking forward to painting them next week