School Council

Our school council is vital for ensuring that the ideas and views of all our pupils are recognised and valued. Each class has two school councillors and these councillors attend monthly school council meetings which are led by the year 6 councillors,  with support from the Family liaison officer . Councillors in all classes, from Fledglings to Year 5, are elected by their classmates and councillors in Year 6 are elected by the whole school.  
Members of the council are responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning fundraising events, making representations to staff and recording views and opinions of the children in their class. They report back to the whole school on the work that they do and their plans for the year. 


School Council Chair and Vice Chair


School councillors serve for one academic year and meet once a month to discuss a range of issues.
They are proud to take on this responsibility. Alessia from year 3 says, “I really like being a school councillor. I feel like I get to help people and make the school a better place.”
Elizabeth and Lily , the chairperson and vice chairperson said, ”The school council is really important because it represents all of the children. We make sure that everybody gets a say in what happens in the school and Mrs Moss values the opinions and ideas that the school council pass to her.”

Members of the School Council

Year 6 - Owls Elliot (Chair)
Oliver (Vice Chair)
Year 5 - Pandas George
Year 4 - Giraffes Charlie
Year 3 - Tigers Isabelle
Year 2 - Lions Mia
Year 1 - Koalas Connie
Reception - Fledglings to be appointed
to be appointed


School Council - Meeting Minutes

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