21 Jun

Castles and Drawbridges (Year 2)

Here is year 2 making castles with drawbridges for our D&T

22 May

Writing a Traditional Tale (Year 2)

We have been re writing a traditional tale 
Here is an example of some of our writing 

30 Mar

London Landmarks (Year 2)

We created London landmarks to create a London landscape.

24 Nov

Results of our Tooth Decay Experiment (Year 2)

Here is the results of our tooth decay experiment, it has been 2 weeks and look what's happened to our tooth!

21 Nov

Making Soup (Year 2)

We made soup and invited our parents/carers in for a taste!

16 Nov

Science Experiment (Year 2)

We put a tooth in water and a tooth in coke we predicted what will happen and will use magnifying glasses to observe 

21 Oct

Science in Term 1 - Living Things (Year 2)

In science we have been learning about living things and their habitats, we created food chains.

17 Oct

Who Made the World (Year 2)

Our big question in RE was Who made the world, we discussed the creation story and why it is important to rest.

9 Sep

Making at Sunset (Year 2)

We mixed red and yellow to make orange and created a sunset. We then added silhouettes of African animals!

27 May

Learning about plants (Year 1)

The Koala's have been learning about plants in Science. As we have been reading 'Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk', we decided to grow our own beanstalks - and even investigated if a jelly bean would actually grow into a beanstalk. 
We learnt that beans need light and water to grow (but not too much…

20 May

Moving Pictures (Year 1)

Year 1 made their own moving pictures! We created levers for Jack to climb the beanstalk and for the Giant to protect the castle. We even hid the golden hen behind a flap. 

30 Mar

Colour Mixing (Year 1)

In art, we learnt about primary and secondary colours. We practised colour mixing! The Koala's loved seeing what colours they could create using the primary colours.