25 Apr

Learning about Setting Description (Year 4)

We have been working in groups to come up with ideas for a setting description for Alice in Wonderland. We thought about all of the different things we could, see, taste, smell, hear and touch and then worked with our team to add them to flipchart. This helped us generate ideas for writing our…

22 Apr

Electrical Circuits (Year 4)

We have been investigating how electrical circuits work and how we should draw them.

We looked at all of the components that we would need for a circuit, and then tried them in different orders to see if we could make the bulb light up - with varied success!
Children were extremely sensible…

27 Nov

Science in Term 2 (Year 4)

Year 4 have been looking at what happens when you put raisins into lemonade. We are looking at states of matter and we wanted to test what affect gas would have on a solid. We ensured we kept all of our variables the same to make sure that we were completing a fair test.

22 Nov

Perce Blackborow and his ship Endurance (Year 4)

For our English this week, we acted out the discovery of Perce Blackborow on the ship, the Endurance. Considered too young, Perce was banned from joining the crew, however, he decided to take matters into his own hands and stowed away on the ship under a huge pile of clothes and rags until the…

3 Jul

Learning How to be Responsible (Year 3)

Tiger Class have enjoyed learning how to be responsible this week when they made their own flour baby and took care of him/her.  They learnt what a baby needs to survive and how they should be looked after. Well done to our two most responsible parents!

26 Jun

Learning to Weave as they did in the Iron Age (Year 3)

We have been learning to weave on a loom like they did in The Iron Age.
The children have enjoyed this and showed lots of resilience.


19 May

Making Woolly Mammoths (Year 3)

Making Woolly Mammoths in Year 3

17 May

Visit to Kent Life - Stone Age Workshop (Year 3)

We visit Kent Life where we took part in various Stone Age workshops.  We met a tribe member, learnt about Stone Age weapons, learnt to grind grain, Stone Age worship, trade and hunting as well as created our own cave paintings.  We even enjoyed seeing the animals and had fun in the play areas! We…

31 Mar

Tasting Food from Willy Wonka's Factory (Year 3)

We have had great fun in English this morning as we have been using our senses to describe some of Mr Willy Wonka’s new inventions!

We even tasted apple and custard sherbet!

30 Jan

Structure of the Earth (Year 3)

We have learnt all about the structure of the earth this afternoon!

Then we made our very own earth with each layer

27 Jan

Making Volcanoes (Year 3)

Lots of collaboration this afternoon as we made our fantastic volcanoes!

24 Jan

Pompeii Ash Victims (Year 3)

We have used clay to mould and sculpt our own Pompeii ash victims.

They are pretty amazing, I think!