30 Jan

Structure of the Earth (Year 3)

We have learnt all about the structure of the earth this afternoon!

Then we made our very own earth with each layer

27 Jan

Making Volcanoes (Year 3)

Lots of collaboration this afternoon as we made our fantastic volcanoes!

24 Jan

Pompeii Ash Victims (Year 3)

We have used clay to mould and sculpt our own Pompeii ash victims.

They are pretty amazing, I think!

21 Nov

Mud Sliding and Christmas Craft Making at Forest School

Thankfully the rain stopped just as we went out to Forest school today and we were able to enjoy some mud sliding, as well as beginning some Christmas crafts. Thank you for kitting the children out with wellies, it is so helpful.

20 Oct

Heroe's and Villain's Day! (Year 3)

Year 3 Tigers have had a great day dressing up as heroes and villains!

We have participated in hero and villain camp and have taken part in tests of agility, intelligence, bravery and accuracy as well as the test of physical strength and endurance!

We practised acting out different scenarios…

10 Oct

Mud Kitchen Recipes Using Forest Fruits (Year 3)

A busy Forest school (as ever). Today we looked at the fruits of the forest and found haws, sweet chestnuts, acorns and walnuts. They may indeed have come with pockets full! We also made spy glasses, hunted spiders, den built, slack lined, built a nest and quite a lot of other things, as the…

20 Jul

Making Dragons Eyes! (Year 2)

Making dragons eyes from clay in Year 2

27 May

Geography Field Work (Year 2)

For our geography fieldwork we have been thinking about which location in our school grounds would be best for creating a wildlife garden.  One of our fieldwork activities was to collect different habitats, find woodlice, leave them over night and see which habitat suited them the best.  After 24…

19 May

Creative Writing - Jim and the Beanstalk (Year 2)

Year 2 writing our own version of Jim and the beanstalk.

29 Mar

Our Learning in Term 4 (Year 2)

Throwing powder paint to celebrate Holi

This was us investigating which material is best for a bouncy ball

Making fire in forest school


7 Feb

Online Safety Day (Year 2)

During our Online Safety Day we looked at a recipe for a safer internet.