Our discipline structure is based on our Christian values:

Every member of our school family works together to promote these values:


  • Respect each other and show this respect through treating others as we would wish to be treated and listening carefully to each other’s thoughts and opinions even if we do not agree with them. 
  • Show joy in the way we embrace life in all it’s fullness.
  •  Show compassion in the way we think of others’ needs and ways in which we can support those who need our help.
  • Show perseverance by building resilience and encouraging a good work ethic to help achieve our goals. 
  • Are welcoming. We celebrate differences and diversity and accept all who join us to become art of our school family.

Our School Rules are:

•  Value, respect and show compassion for each other.

•  Always do our best and persevere.

•  Listen when someone is talking.

•  Understand we have kind hands, feet and thoughts.

•  Everyone be honest and tell the truth.

•  Smile, be joyful and welcome everyone into our school.


Our school has adopted the Golden Time approach, which encourages our children to make deliberate, conscious choices about their behaviour in school. It is a scaled system that identifies and addresses inappropriate behaviour at a very early stage. Children who keep the Golden Rules each week are rewarded with 30 minutes of Golden Time each week. Very few children at our school require more than the mildest of negative consequences to bring them back into line. Parents are always informed when bad behaviour is repeated or gives cause for concerns. 

 As a school we will work with parents to encourage in children a positive attitude towards school that embraces:

•     Respect for themselves and others

•     Positive attitude towards work

•     A growing self -reliance

•     Respect for the property of others

•     Politeness/manners suitable for the occasion

•     A regard for personal safety and the safety of others.


Playground Behaviour

We aim for all our children to have a happy and positive experience at playtime. These are our rules for playtime:

  • Be polite
  • Be kind
  • Be respectful
  • Follow rules
  • Stay in safe places

All behaviour on the playground is closely monitored and parents informed if their child’s behaviour continues to be a cause for concern

Parental Involvement

Should a child misbehave in class and need to be sent out parents will be informed as soon as possible either by telephone or letter. 

Should behaviour not improve parents will be invited in to draw up a plan of action, which could involve outside agencies. 

We always like to know if circumstances at home change which may affect behaviour.


Our message is quite clear – If you do not like what someone is saying or doing you have two choices:

  1. Walk away
  2. Tell an adult

If you walk away and the person continues your only choice is


We will always act on information and investigate

Bullies will not be tolerated at Eastry.

Our success is achieved not in the absence of problems but in the way in which we deal with them.