16 Sep

Back to Forest School!

In Forest School this week we noticed that our apple trees are full of fruit. After picking the apples we segmented them, dipped them in cinnamon sugar and toasted them over the campfire................delicious!

13 May

Fledglings planting seed potatoes

Planted seed potatoes whilst they read ‘Supertato’ by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra in class.

13 May

Year 5 Planting Pumpkin Seeds and Seed Bombs

Year 5 – planting pumpkin seeds ready for Halloween. They also planted seed bombs to try and grow a meadow habitat for the insects.

13 May

Year 6 Planting Sunflowers at Forest School

Year 6 – planted sunflower seeds – a legacy to be passed onto the rest of the school as we will harvest the seeds and use them with next year’s year 6

17 Mar

New Fire Pit Shelter in Forest School

We so excited to share with you the new Forest School Fire Pit Shelter. Thanks to support from the Redhill Trust and Sandwich Deanery, together with our Sports Premium, we have been able to purchase a new fire pit to further enhance the childrens' learning and enrichment at Forest School.

7 Feb

Year 4 Sheltering from the rain in Forest School

A morning of pretty mixed weather! The children were absolutely brilliant today. The first group probably had the best of the weather and were able to have a go with the fire strikers. Then, the rain came and both groups were just fantastic shelter building and working out ways to protect theā€¦

3 Feb

Year 5 Creating Greek Inspired Headress and Mud pots

Greek headress - for the Olympics / mud pots inspired by the Greeks!


3 Feb

Bird Feeders

We made some bird feeders for our Forest School area.