Headteacher Mrs Sarah Moss
 Assistant Headteacher & SENCo Mrs Kate Plant


Fledglings (Reception)

Miss Beth Riggs (Class Teacher)

Mrs Tina Williams (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Chloe Morris-Hill (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1

Miss Charlotte Thomas (Class Teacher)

Mrs Lucy Gleave (Class Teacher)

Mrs Jo Sugden (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Rosemary Harrison (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2

Mrs Kelly Foley (Class Teacher)

Mrs Sally Watts (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Rosemary Harrison (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3

Miss Maria Leishman (Class Teacher)

Mrs Lisa Wood (Teaching Assistant)

Mr Ben Cockram (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4

Mrs Ginny Harvey (Class Teacher)

Mrs Jackie Davies (Class Teacher)

Mrs Ros Daniels (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Helen Lejeune (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5

Miss Sara Ward (Class Teacher)

Ms Annie Rye (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Rosemary Harrison (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6

Mrs Clare Williams (Class Teacher)

Mrs Marcelle Kemp (Teaching Assistant)



Support Staff

Family Liaison Officer (FLO) Mrs Tracy Inglis
Bursar Mrs Kim Sampson
School Secretary Miss Karen-Jane Bowers
Caretaker Mr James Skilling

Mrs Janet Gibb

Ms Annie Rye

Mrs J Robinson

Please meet the staff through this video we made for our children during the first lockdown. We hope it puts a smile on your face!