Pupil leaders and Pupil Voice


School Council

Our school council is vital for ensuring that the ideas and views of all our pupils are recognised and valued. Each class has two school councillors and these councillors attend monthly school council meetings which are led by the year 6 councillors,  with support from the Family liaison officer . Councillors in all classes, from Fledglings to Year 5, are elected by their classmates and councillors in Year 6 are elected by the whole school.  
Members of the council are responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning fundraising events, making representations to staff and recording views and opinions of the children in their class. They report back to the whole school on the work that they do and their plans for the year. 


Digital leaders

We have two representatives from each KS2 class as our digital leaders.  These children our being trained through childnet to support their peers and those in the local community to use technology in a positive, safe way.  Once trained they will be responsible for delivering worships to children and parents, running a club with the support of the computing co-ordinator and supporting all with enjoying technology in a fun, safe way.
Peer Mentors
Peer mentors  from Years 5 and 6 are recruited and trained to support other children from across the school, especially in the playground, particularly at playtimes and lunchtimes. The children’s work is a clear demonstration of our school’s values in action : joy, welcoming, compassion, respect and perseverance. This support helps with our children’s mental health and wellbeing. It is also an opportunity to build the confidence and social skills of the mentors .  


School Librarians

Our new school library is staffed by children from Year 4. They take responsibility for helping children with their choice of books, maintaining order in accordance with the library rules, checking loans in and out, making suggestions for new books and providing a welcoming learning environment.
Class Buddies
With the lifting of covid restrictions, we are once again able to establish our Buddy system which partners reception children with Year 5 children. Year 5 children look after a particular child in Fledgling class and provide nurturing support to the younger children as they settle in to Eastry . 


Ethos team

Children are invited to join the school Ethos Team to lead worship. Having children lead worship is inspiration to the other children. Any child can join the Ethos Team. The Ethos team may lead some or all of a collective worship. They might act, read bible passages, share a message or share prayers with the school community.