Nurture at Eastry Primary School

At Eastry ,we have a strong nurturing ethos that is evident in so many aspects of our school life.  We are looking to develop our existing good practices and build on these to ensure that we embed  the best nurturing culture throughout our school. We have therefore signed up to the National Nurturing Schools programme which will give us the guidance and tools we need to achieve this objective. 
The programme aims to enhance teaching and learning and promote healthy outcomes for our children. It focuses on emotional needs and development, as well as academic learning in a whole school environment.  We hope to be one of those schools that gain accreditation for achieving a higher level of nurturing provision.
This academic year, we are proud to unveil a new nurture classroom. This space will provide  a stimulating and welcoming learning environment for children who may at times benefit from undertaking some of their learning in a small group. Mrs Rosemary Harrison and Mr Ben Cockram, who will support  much of the  learning that will take place within the nurture classroom,  have worked hard to prepare the room and resources for the new academic year.

Nurture Group

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