STICKMAN - “we’re going on a stick hunt!”

Wow, what a busy day! We listened to the story of stickman this morning and talked about all the different things poor old stickman ended up being! Then we went and found sticks of our very own. We were only aloud to choose one stick which was extremely tough as there are some very good sticks here at Eastry!
We took them back inside and considered what we could turn them into whilst we ate our snacks. It turns out they aren’t just sticks at all! They are...axes, wands, girls, hair clips, insects, planes, snowmen, boomerangs and we even had a unicorn!
What a brilliant time we had with our crafting, someone even declared it “the best day ever”.
After lunch, we wrote about our new toy and we were very relieved to hear Miss Riggs didn’t want to keep them for herself and we could take them home!
Don’t know about you guys, but I am going to sleep well tonight!
Have a lovely weekend Fledglings and thanks for a really fun day!