14 Mar

Making Eastry Cleaner! (Fledglings)

Here are year R - inspired by one of our class who has been litter picking in the village and by a story called 'The Tin Forest' about a place full of all the things nobody wanted. We decided to try and make Eastry an even cleaner and more pleasant place to be, by litter picking in the Gun Park…

9 Feb

Fairy Tales visit Fledglings (Fledglings)

Last term we read traditional tales and had to solve a crime that happened in our classroom. There was a broken chair - that we had to fix by working together and when we followed the trail of oats, we found a cheeky little girl who had to be taught the rules of our classroom - thank goodness the…

3 Jan

Boxs2befit (Year 5)

The children in KS2 took part in Box 2 be Fit. It was great fun and kept everyone very active! 

14 Dec

Tooth and Coke Investigation (Year 2)

Our tooth in coke experiment - the before and after!

13 Dec

Celebrating Christmas (Year 3)

We wanted to share with you some of the events we have enjoyed in the lead up to Christmas - Christingle, Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas dinner.


13 Dec

Hoovering in Forest School (Year 3)

At forest school we used old tyres hoover the forest school floor!

12 Dec

Fledglings in Forest School Created Christmas Decorations

Decorating the school tree with our hand decorated pine cones made at Forest School.

1 Dec

Diya Lamps (Fledglings)

Diya lamps - made by the children and lit for their parents when they came in to celebrate Diwali with us


28 Nov

Icy Pictures (Fledglings)

Icy pictures using cold colours after exploring the outdoors on an icy day.

27 Nov

Box 2 be Fit (Year 3)

Today we had an amazing time taking part in Box 2 be Fit.

27 Nov

Science in Term 2 (Year 4)

Year 4 have been looking at what happens when you put raisins into lemonade. We are looking at states of matter and we wanted to test what affect gas would have on a solid. We ensured we kept all of our variables the same to make sure that we were completing a fair test.

22 Nov

Perce Blackborow and his ship Endurance (Year 4)

For our English this week, we acted out the discovery of Perce Blackborow on the ship, the Endurance. Considered too young, Perce was banned from joining the crew, however, he decided to take matters into his own hands and stowed away on the ship under a huge pile of clothes and rags until the…