4 Oct

Visit to The History Project (Year 3)

Year 3 visited The History Project in Deal today. The learned all about Caesars invasion of our coast to support their learning about the Romans this term.

1 Apr

Forest School at Easter (Year 2)

Here is a selection of photos to show our forest school fun! There was a mysterious note left outside our classroom... we then decorated our eggs and built special nests. Then came the hard decision, would the children keep the egg at home or leave them in their forest school nests?

18 Mar

Dragons chalk eye (Year 2)

Today we used chalk to create our dragon's eyes.  I hope you like our display.

16 Mar

Designing and Making Dragons (Year 2)

This afternoon we designed and made dragons eyes!  Take a look at our creations!

12 Mar

A Guide to Spotting Dragons (Year 2)

After finding our dragons we then created A guide to spotting dragons

Can you spot

A heading?



Exciting sentences?


So next time you go on dragon hunt remember to use our guides!


12 Mar

Where we Found Dragons! (Year 2)

Dragon Spotting - Look at all the places we found dragons.

27 Nov

Science Experiment 'Teeth' - (in Year 2)

10 days ago the tooth fairy kindly let us have 2 teeth for our experiment!  

We put 1 tooth in cherry coke and 1 tooth in water

Ask your child what has happened!!

13 Nov

New Laptops ( in Year 2)

Year 2 using the school's new laptops in their learning this week. 

13 Nov

Learning about Florence Nightingale (in Year 2)

As part of our history we wrote facts on Florence Nightingale and made lamps.

13 Nov

Look at Alliteration (in Year 2)

In Year 2 we have been looking at alliteration in our English, we then created our own alliteration name display.