22 Oct

Alliteration and Onomatopoeia (Year 2)

In our English we then described a sunset scene, we used techniques such as alliteration and onomatopoeia.

Our RE big question was Who made the world

Finally we created an alliteration display with our names.

30 Sep

African Sunset using only 2 Colours (Year 2)

We created an African sunset display but were only given two colours- through colour mixing we made the sunset!

12 Mar

Rescuing the Penguins Stuck in the Ice! (Year 1)

Year One had to rescue their penguins and free them from the ice! They decided to try hot water, cold water or salt to try and melt the ice. The children all became scientists and the classroom was full of excitement once they had freed their penguins

12 Mar

Penguins in the South Pole (Year 1)

Year One are learning all about the South Pole and discovered tiny penguins in the classroom! The only problem was - they were trapped in ice!

The children discussed ideas on how to free the penguins, deciding on using hot water, cold water or salt. They then worked as a team to melt the ice.…

18 Dec

Making Healthy Jelly - (in Year 1)

In year 1, we have been learning all about how people celebrate. We decided to make our own healthy jelly to have as party food. We chose and cut up our fruit and mixed the jelly! We wrote our own instructions so our friends would be able to make our wonderful, wobbly jelly! It tasted…

27 Nov

What Christians believe God is like - (in Year 1)

In Year 1 we have been thinking about what Christians think God looks like. We wrote our ideas on some doves and created a display for our corridor.