29 Mar

Forest School - Term 4 (2022)

Our Forest School learning this term.


7 Feb

The Three Little Pigs (Year 1)

This term, we have been learning the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have acted out the story, created a hinge to trap the wolf and tested which material would make the best roof for the little pigs house. We also looked at Native American wolf masks and created our own! 

19 Jan

What do buildings need? (Year 1)

Our question for this term is 'What do buildings need?'. We had a builder come to Koala class and we were able to ask questions, as well as see how all the tools work.

6 Dec

Making Sandwiches for our Teddy Bear Picnic

We made our sandwiches for our picnic. Once again, the Koala's worked so hard and I've never had the classroom as quiet as it was once they were eating their sandwiches haha!
Koala quotes: 'This is the best sandwich I've ever had'
'How can I save this last bite for the rest of my life'


6 Dec

Making Puppets (Year 1)

We started our morning off today by making our teddy bear puppets! The Koala's worked so hard on these

14 Oct

Stickmen! (Year 1)

Forest school fun! 
We've created our own Stick Men and made homes for our creatures that live in the deep, dark wood. 

22 Sep

Autumnal Afternoon (Year 1)

We had an Autumnal afternoon to celebrate the first day of Autumn.

We went on an Autumn scavenger hunt, where we then found leaves to turn into animals from the Gruffalo!
We also learnt if all trees lose their leaves - we discovered that some trees are 'evergreen' and some are 'deciduous'. We…

17 Jun

Learning about human impact on our oceans (Fledglings)

Fledglings have been learning about the human impact on our oceans and today we saved the sea animals from an oil spill! 

We learned about the catastrophic effects of pollution on our seas, and what can happen when petrol, oil and chemicals end up in the oceans. We discussed what can happen to…

7 May

Something Fishy Going On! (Fledglings)

Our learning about sea creatures reached new depths this week...
Our poor classroom will never smell the same again! 
Miss Riggs presented us with a mystery box. We used our senses of touch and smell to explore what we could before the lid was removed and we could use our sense of sight too! 

23 Apr

Diving Under the Sea! (Fledglings)

Fledglings have taken a deep breath this week and dived under the sea! We now know that some animals have gills and can breath under water. Some have blow holes and just hold their breath. We’ve loved watching octopus move, and also learned about them squirting ink when they are scared. Check out…

26 Mar

Man on the Moon (Fledglings)

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1...BLAST OFF!” 

Guess where we have been this week? 

Our text this week was ‘Man on the Moon’. Bob that works on the moon sent us some voice notes, and we helped him prepare for his first day. Although Bob doesn’t believe in aliens...WE DO! Here they are, aren’t they amazing?…

18 Mar

Supertato - What material are waterproof for his cape! (Fledglings)

“Well this week the Evil Pea was being a real trickster! He set us some tricky challenges, involving 3D shapes to complete. Once we had completed the challenges, we got some clues.....we followed the clues and “YAY”, our Supertatoes were returned to us! We were delighted. 

Wednesday saw a…