12 Mar

Supertato & the Evil Pea! (Fledglings)

Fledglings Class have had a very exciting first week back at school! We have been exploring the story of 'Supertato!' We even made our own heroes, complete with personalised superhero capes! Look how amazing they are! The children worked independently on them and showed real 'TRY-ceratops'…

5 Feb

Celebrating Children's Well-being Week

In Fledglings, to celebrate Children's well-being week, we did our Happy Smell bag! (Also featuring a fairy and a cheeky monkey!) 

30 Nov

Stickmen (in Fledglings)

STICKMAN - “we’re going on a stick hunt!”

Wow, what a busy day! We listened to the story of stickman this morning and talked about all the different things poor old stickman ended up being! Then we went and found sticks of our very own. We were only aloud to choose one stick which was extremely…

27 Nov

What God looks Like - (in Fledglings)

In Fledglings we have been thinking about what God looks like and have created a display with some of our ideas.