7 Feb

Year 4 Sheltering from the rain in Forest School

A morning of pretty mixed weather! The children were absolutely brilliant today. The first group probably had the best of the weather and were able to have a go with the fire strikers. Then, the rain came and both groups were just fantastic shelter building and working out ways to protect the…

3 Feb

Year 5 Creating Greek Inspired Headress and Mud pots

Greek headress - for the Olympics / mud pots inspired by the Greeks!


3 Feb

Bird Feeders

We made some bird feeders for our Forest School area.

10 Dec

Sawing Wood to make Snowmen (Year 6)

Year 6 used some of our Forest School tools to cut wood and make Snowman for Christmas Decorations.

16 Nov

Autumn in Forest School

We have been using it to our advantage, identifying leaves and learning about deciduous and evergreen trees.

15 Sep

Our 4 Forest School Areas

As you will know our trained Forest School teachers have been busy over the past few months developing and extending our Forest School areas, thank you to everyone who donated items for this. Below are some photo’s we wanted to share with you.  As you will see there are 4 main Forest School areas…

20 Apr

Expanding Forest School

This week we are expanded our Forest School Area and the children who go out will have the opportunity to use the newly designated 'Grassy Area' complete with new mini digging zone, and stepping stones for children to make obstacle courses. The trees have been pruned ready for some serious den…

16 Mar

Forest School Logo Competition

We had some wonderful entries for our Forest School Logo competition. These were short listed to four entries who all showed creative designs and close attention to the brief. Eve was the overall winner as she included the most things from the 'brief'. We hope to use her beautiful logo in the…

16 Mar

Year 3 at Forest School - 15.3.21

Year 3 were in forest school today. Some made bug hotels, stick endoskeletons, a pretend fire, cooking or digging for worms and maggots, whist a few climbed trees. Well done year 3!


15 Mar

Forest School - Creatures with different skeletons (Year 3)

We were finding creatures with different skeletons on Wednesday alongside all climbing, digging and making mud cakes!!