15 Mar

Forest School - Creating Ingredients (Year 4)

Year 4 were creating ingredients that they will use in their potions another week alongside cooking in the mud kitchen digging and of course climbing. 

10 Mar

Year 5 at Forest School

Year 5 have enjoyed visiting forest school. To help re-build friendships, our confidence and self-esteem. The children took turns to be blind folded while their friends guided them to a part of the forest that they then had to identify. It was so much fun. We really had to listen and have faith in…

3 Mar

Thank you from Forest School

Thank you to Fox Tyres for sourcing and  delivering old used tyres for Forest School and to Mark Jones Tree surgeons for sourcing, chopping and delivering more than 30 log seats  - some of the tyres and seats are pictured here, the others are being placed on the second forest school site we are…