17 Feb

Greek Pottery (Year 5)

During term 3 we have been learning both at home and in school. While in school we have been joined by some of the year 6 children. Together we have enjoyed learning about Ancient Greece and how the Ancient Greeks have influenced the modern Western World.

The children explored Greek pottery…

17 Feb

Manipulatives in Maths (Year 5)

During maths we have been using manipulatives to help identify patterns with number.

The manipulatives such as base-10 and place value counters have supported the children in understanding how to divide and multiply by 10, 100 and 1000.

17 Feb

English - Dictionaries and Thesauruses (Year 5)

To support the children’s understanding of language the children have enjoyed using dictionaries and thesauruses. They have explored a range of short stories and text this term, some linked to our topic of Ancient Greece. For reading lessons the children are always eager to have a turn at reading…

5 Feb

Celebrating Children's Well-being Week

In Fledglings, to celebrate Children's well-being week, we did our Happy Smell bag! (Also featuring a fairy and a cheeky monkey!) 

18 Dec

Making Healthy Jelly - (in Year 1)

In year 1, we have been learning all about how people celebrate. We decided to make our own healthy jelly to have as party food. We chose and cut up our fruit and mixed the jelly! We wrote our own instructions so our friends would be able to make our wonderful, wobbly jelly! It tasted…

30 Nov

Stickmen (in Fledglings)

STICKMAN - “we’re going on a stick hunt!”

Wow, what a busy day! We listened to the story of stickman this morning and talked about all the different things poor old stickman ended up being! Then we went and found sticks of our very own. We were only aloud to choose one stick which was extremely…

27 Nov

Anti-bullying Week - (in Year 3)

Last week was anti-bullying week and as part of our PHSE lesson we created some anti-bullying posters. 

27 Nov

Creation and Science - Conflict or Complimentary - (in Year 6)

In Year 6 we have been learning about creation. We have been thinking about how the scientist and Christians believe this was created and the differences between the two.

27 Nov

Invaders! - (in Year 5)

In Year 5 we have been learning about the Vikings and how they invaded the country. We created some Viking ships using different techniques to create the sky, sea and ship giving our pictures and 3D effect.

27 Nov

Shackleton's Journey - (in Year 4)

In Year 3 we have been looking at the story of Shackleton's Journey across the Antartic. We made a feature outside out classroom to display our work.

27 Nov

What would your promise be to make the world a better place? - (in Year 3)

In Year 3 we have been looking at what God did to make the world a better place and thinking about what we could do to make the world a better place. We created a display board for our ideas. 

27 Nov

What Christians believe God is like - (in Year 1)

In Year 1 we have been thinking about what Christians think God looks like. We wrote our ideas on some doves and created a display for our corridor.