10 Sep

Cricket Coaching

Years 2, 4, 5 and 6 are pleased to be taking part in cricket coaching with Chance to Shine Kent Cricket. We’ve been learning batting, bowling and fielding skills as well as about preserving, respect others and challenging ourselves

9 Sep

Cricket Assembly

We were very lucky to have Molly for Chance to Shine, Kent Cricket to come and teach us about the values we learn in cricket and how these match our school values!

6 Sep

First School Worship

It’s been wonderful to welcome the children back to school. We’ve particularly enjoyed welcoming the whole school back together in collective worship and singing together.

11 May

NSPCC Number Day

Thank you for all your donations today. Here’s a photo of all the coppers you donated. As a school we had 283m of coppers! The class with the longest line will be announced on Monday! Also can anyone guess how long it took 8 staff to pick them up one by one (sweeping didn’t work)? Can you guess how many 1p's and how many 2p's there were? We'll bring the total in this week's School News.

31 Mar

Inspire Day - Making a Difference

How we can do small things to make a difference in the world.

25 Mar

Fledglings New Sand Pit

It is with grateful thanks to Mr Rogers and the PTFA that the Fledglings are enjoying their new sandpit. Mr Rogers, parent at the school, kindly built this, and the materials were funded by the PTFA.