29 Sep

Forest School in Term 1 (Year 3)

A lovely time a forest school this afternoon. What perfect weather! It was great to see them all so settled in their various activities.

25 Sep

Let there be Light! (Fledglings)


The children listened so carefully to the creation story and we learned about how Christians believe God made everything in the world

14 Sep

Creating an African Sunset (Year 2)

This is our African sunset display which we made by mixing colours.

17 Jul

Visit to Dover Museum (Year 1)

We went on our school trip to Dover Museum. We made pirate clay heads, held pirate artifacts and got to see the oldest boat from the Bronze age - it's 3,600 years old! 
We had such an amazing day! 

5 Jul

Save Our Seas?

We carefully drew an endangered sea creature and put them in our polluted seas. We wrote a a sentence about the effects people have on the sea and went with our posters on a protest march round the school to let others know our important message

3 Jul

Learning How to be Responsible (Year 3)

Tiger Class have enjoyed learning how to be responsible this week when they made their own flour baby and took care of him/her.  They learnt what a baby needs to survive and how they should be looked after. Well done to our two most responsible parents!

26 Jun

Learning to Weave as they did in the Iron Age (Year 3)

We have been learning to weave on a loom like they did in The Iron Age.
The children have enjoyed this and showed lots of resilience.


21 Jun

Castles and Drawbridges (Year 2)

Here is year 2 making castles with drawbridges for our D&T

26 May

Pond Dipping in the School Pond (Fledglings)

Pond dipping in the school pond

25 May

Making Rockpools (Fledglings)

Making rockpools - using junk modelling

24 May

Mad Hatter's Tea Party (Year 4)

This week we had our Mad Hatter's Tea Party to celebrate our learning on Alice in Wonderland. We have been working hard this term looking at the novel of Alice in Wonderland and at the other works Lewis Caroll has produced. We have also been writing instructions for cakes to take with us to the…

24 May

Expanding our Vocabulary (Fledglings)

Expanding our vocabulary by investigating the parts of a fish