13 Dec

Making Dioramas (Year 4)

Pictures from our art and DT project creating a diorama of one of the polar regions. Children started with a shoe box and selected from a wide range of materials to select the most suitable to replicate the freezing environments. This was the result of all of the children's work this term learning…

5 Dec

Creating Playscripts in English (Year 4)

Children spent three weeks this term in English learning about and composing their own playscripts focusing on the news of Ernest Shackleton's return from his ill fated mission to Antartica. Children took on roles as newscasters and set up a range of interviews with people to gather as much…

24 Nov

Our Science Experiment with Materials (Year 1)

In Science, the Koala's have been learning about materials. 
We did an experiment to see what would happen when certain materials were heated and cooled. 
We tried: cheese, chocolate, an ice cube, jelly, wax and bread. Before the experiment began, the Koala's predicted what they thought would…

24 Nov

Results of our Tooth Decay Experiment (Year 2)

Here is the results of our tooth decay experiment, it has been 2 weeks and look what's happened to our tooth!

21 Nov

Mud Sliding and Christmas Craft Making at Forest School

Thankfully the rain stopped just as we went out to Forest school today and we were able to enjoy some mud sliding, as well as beginning some Christmas crafts. Thank you for kitting the children out with wellies, it is so helpful.

21 Nov

Making Soup (Year 2)

We made soup and invited our parents/carers in for a taste!

21 Nov

Learning About Forces in Science (Year 5)

Our Science topic this term is; Forces. This week the children have carried out two investigations. The first was designing and making an air resistant costume. Racing in our costumes and recording the times without and with our costume.
Our second investigation was: making a paper helicopter and…

16 Nov

Celebrating Diwali (Fledglings)

We have been learning about celebrations and this week have been looking at Diwali.- Diwa lamps and rangoli patterns.



16 Nov

Presentation regarding Deforestation

Children were presenting reasons against deforestation of the Amazon rainforest

16 Nov

Science Experiment (Year 2)

We put a tooth in water and a tooth in coke we predicted what will happen and will use magnifying glasses to observe 

14 Nov

Building Bridges (Year 6)

The children were designing and making bridges

4 Nov

Celebrating Bonfire Night (Fledglings)

We have been looking at different celebrations throughout the year. Today were learned about Bonfire night.