31 Mar

Making Maya Masks (Year 6)

Year 6 designed and recreated their own ancient Maya masks, using designs and ideas from the ancient Maya civilisation. The Maya used masks for special celebrations, war and death!

30 Mar

London Landmarks (Year 2)

We created London landmarks to create a London landscape.

29 Mar

Meeting Real Life Super Heroes! (Fledglings)

Today, we took a super stroll down to Eastry Fire Station. To follow up our learning about Supertato, we went to meet some real life super heroes. We squirted the hoses, sat on the fire engine, tried on the fire fighting clothes and had a look at some of the equipment on the engine. Fledglings,…

20 Mar

Learning About Sounds (Year 4)

During Science, we looked at a range of different instruments to consider: what was the source of the sound, how could we change the pitch and volume, how did our ears process the noise and what would happen if we played it in a different way.

6 Mar

Learning about the Titanic (Year 5)

Titanic day - The children participated in a debate, to argue who should go on the life boats first, they then researched and created a poster showing facts and statistics. To conclude the day the children drew the Titanic and used Charcoal to show shading. 


28 Feb

Pancakes Races

Pictures from our pancake races this term which we did alongside year 5.

24 Feb

Saving the Baby Penguins in the Ice! (Year 1)

We returned from lunch to find a very special delivery!
We had to free the baby penguins from the ice! We had to use our scientific knowledge to work out the fastest way to free the penguins.

The Koala's were so excited and are already taking good care of their penguins at school!

21 Feb

Could Your Pet Survive in the South Pole (Year 1)

Our big question for this term is: Could your pet live in the South Pole?
We started the week by learning about where the South Pole is. We looked through Atlas' and looked at a globe! We discovered that the South Pole is in Antarctica and that this is where penguins live.

10 Feb

Investigating Materials (Year 5)

Panda class have been investigating if the given solid is soluble or insoluble. They then though of which independent variable to change and how this could affect the findings. 

10 Feb

Our Healthy Survival Meal (Year 6)

Year 6 designed and created a healthy survival meal of vegetable soup/vegetable and lentil soup, to demonstrate how we can include many of the nutrients our bodies  need in a very simple meal. Year 6 washed and prepared the vegetables and enjoyed - the final outcome- a tasty, hot soup!

3 Feb

Jack and the Beanstalk (Fledglings)

After we planted beans, in the middle of the night a beanstalk grew and a giant moved into his castle at the top - thank goodness he was a friendly giant!

3 Feb

Our Year 5 Buddies (Fledglings)

Our Year R Fledgling class loves having a buddy from our Year 5 Panda class. Buddies help each other express our school values. Recently the taught us Maths games as part of NSPCC numbers day. Great collaboration and compassion.