17 Oct

Learning How to Safely Light a Fire (Year 6)

Today in Forest school we continued to learn how to safely light a fire.

17 Oct

Who Made the World (Year 2)

Our big question in RE was Who made the world, we discussed the creation story and why it is important to rest.

13 Oct

Sculptures Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy (Year 1)

In Koala class, we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy who creates sculptures out of natural materials. We then planned and created our own inspired by him! 

Lots of the Koala's created animal sculptures... I wonder if you can work out what they are. 

The classroom was then turned…

13 Oct

Shadows in Science (Year 5)

During Science lessons this week, the children have been investigating shadows. They drew around their friend's shadow at different points during the day and observed how the shadow changed length and position. 

13 Oct

The Day the Alien Visited Year 5 (Year 5)

Mysteriously, some children (in year 5) spotted an alien and reported hearing and seeing strange things. They were so inspired and amazed they then wrote a recount of events in the style of a report. Here are some of their recounts after the children have practised their editing skills.

11 Oct

River Features (Year 4)

As part of our topic looking at rivers, year 4 have been identifying features of a river and the three main parts which make up the whole. We started with the source - a spring in the mountains, before more tributaries and other river sources come together to create an expansive river which joins…

11 Oct

Restart a Heart (Year 6)

What a brilliant afternoon. Owl class practised what to do if they found someone unresponsive, how to check for breathing and how to put them into the recovery position. Later they carried out CPR and learned how to use a defibrillator. I was extremely proud of everyone and how well they…

10 Oct

Mud Kitchen Recipes Using Forest Fruits (Year 3)

A busy Forest school (as ever). Today we looked at the fruits of the forest and found haws, sweet chestnuts, acorns and walnuts. They may indeed have come with pockets full! We also made spy glasses, hunted spiders, den built, slack lined, built a nest and quite a lot of other things, as the…

3 Oct

The Gruffalo at Forest School! (Year 1)

A lovely afternoon at Forest school. Today we had to find the Gruffalo child, who had hidden in the forest. Some of us made Gruffalo mud faces on the trees and others made snake or fox crumble. We also enjoyed climbing and building dens as well as digging in the mud hole. Thank you for dressing…

26 Sep

Biography of Tim Peake (Year 5)

What a fantastic start to year 5. During our English lesson the children have been learning about biographies and each child has written a biography, on the astronaut Tim Peake.
Here are some examples of their writing:

20 Sep

Our First Lunch! (Fledglings)

Lunch hall lovelies - ate so well and took it all in their stride today

16 Sep

Back to Forest School!

In Forest School this week we noticed that our apple trees are full of fruit. After picking the apples we segmented them, dipped them in cinnamon sugar and toasted them over the campfire................delicious!