21 Mar

Science in Term 4 (Year 4)

In science, we have been conducting an experiment to see what happens to sound over distance. We tried talking to our friends normally at distance, then we tried by using paper cups and string. The vibrations along the string helped us to hear our friends a lot clearer.

17 Mar

Celebrating Inpire Day - Holi (Year 4)

Attached are photos of the work we completed for our Inspire Day on Holi. We looked at the festival of colours and how it has brought everyone together after a difficult time. We drew around our hands and decorated them with the most colourful patterns and designs we could think of. 

8 Mar

Maths in Term 4 (Year 4)

These are from a practical maths lesson we did this week looking at finding fractions of quantities.  We used manipulatives, howeever we are encourgaing children at home to find fractions of anything they can find: toy cars, football cards, pasta tubes etc.

7 Feb

Sheltering from the Rain in Forest School (Year 4)

A morning of pretty mixed weather! The children were absolutely brilliant today. The first group probably had the best of the weather and were able to have a go with the fire strikers. Then, the rain came and both groups were just fantastic shelter building and working out ways to protect the…

4 Feb

Gymnastics (Year 4)

We have been building up our gymnastic skills, from looking at how we balance, to learning jumping and climbing techniques. The class have been really engaged in their learning and loved learning new skills before sharing them with the rest of the class.


10 Dec

Making Our Dioramas (Year 4)

This week the children began their work on their 3D dioramas of the polar regions. They have been busy sketching and planning all the bits they need to make a 3D landscape with moving parts.

7 Dec

Our Christingle (Year 4)

We celebrated Christingle today. Although we couldn't all go to the church together it was lovely to celebrate this with the rest of Year 4.

19 Oct

Thinking deeper about the Creation (Year 4)

Year 4 have been thinking deeper about the creation story and why it is important to Christians. As part of this, the class went outside to have a think about the wonder of nature and find some 'wow' moments within the world around us. We considered the sun and the shadows it helps to create, the…

30 Mar

Planting Seeds for Inspire Day (Year 3)

In Year 3 to celebrate Inspire Day we looked at the story 'Katie's Cabbage'. We planted our own seeds (runner bean, broad bean, courgette and radishes).

15 Mar

Forest School - Creatures with different skeletons (Year 3)

We were finding creatures with different skeletons on Wednesday alongside all climbing, digging and making mud cakes!!

27 Nov

Anti-bullying Week - (in Year 3)

Last week was anti-bullying week and as part of our PHSE lesson we created some anti-bullying posters.