10 Jan

Maths Manipulatives (Year 5)

We have kicked off our term 3, year 5 Maths using manipulatives. Our focus is long multiplication and the children have used dienes and place value counters in an area model to help their deeper understanding. We are now securing our understanding on using the column method.  

15 Dec

Supporting Our Buddies to Explore Forest School

Earlier in the term Panda Class invited their buddies to join them in Forest School. As always the children’s behaviour was exemplary and Year 5 were fabulous at supporting their buddies explore a new Forest School site. Mrs Harvey and Mrs Prestleton were extremely proud of all the children. Well…

21 Nov

Learning About Forces in Science (Year 5)

Our Science topic this term is; Forces. This week the children have carried out two investigations. The first was designing and making an air resistant costume. Racing in our costumes and recording the times without and with our costume.
Our second investigation was: making a paper helicopter and…

17 Oct

Cricket (Year 5)

During term 1, Panda class have enjoyed 6 weeks of cricket with the wonderful coach (Molly) from A Chance to Shine. 
The children have practised their fielding, batting and bowling skills alongside working collaboratively in game scenarios.

13 Oct

Shadows in Science (Year 5)

During Science lessons this week, the children have been investigating shadows. They drew around their friend's shadow at different points during the day and observed how the shadow changed length and position. 

13 Oct

The Day the Alien Visited Year 5 (Year 5)

Mysteriously, some children (in year 5) spotted an alien and reported hearing and seeing strange things. They were so inspired and amazed they then wrote a recount of events in the style of a report. Here are some of their recounts after the children have practised their editing skills.

26 Sep

Biography of Tim Peake (Year 5)

What a fantastic start to year 5. During our English lesson the children have been learning about biographies and each child has written a biography, on the astronaut Tim Peake.
Here are some examples of their writing:

24 May

Circuit Making (Year 4)

Trial and error to make a simple circuit in science. Could we add more than one bub? What would happen?

23 May

Following Instructions in Origami (Year 4)

To start our unit of work on instructions, we followed instructions to make origami bookmarks. We then tried lots of different types such as frogs, cranes and cats!

19 May

Cake Tasting for Market Research! (Year 4)

We have been conducting market research and tasting cakes to see which was our favourite and which we will be making next week for our picnic. We have been looking at writing instructions and we will use these skills to help us when making the cakes.

17 May

Learning the Ukulele (Year 4)

In Term 5 we have been learning the Ukulele with our a music teacher who has been visiting the school.

21 Mar

Science in Term 4 (Year 4)

In science, we have been conducting an experiment to see what happens to sound over distance. We tried talking to our friends normally at distance, then we tried by using paper cups and string. The vibrations along the string helped us to hear our friends a lot clearer.