3 Oct

The Gruffalo at Forest School! (Year 1)

A lovely afternoon at Forest school. Today we had to find the Gruffalo child, who had hidden in the forest. Some of us made Gruffalo mud faces on the trees and others made snake or fox crumble. We also enjoyed climbing and building dens as well as digging in the mud hole. Thank you for dressing…

26 Sep

Biography of Tim Peake (Year 5)

What a fantastic start to year 5. During our English lesson the children have been learning about biographies and each child has written a biography, on the astronaut Tim Peake.
Here are some examples of their writing:

20 Sep

Our First Lunch! (Fledglings)

Lunch hall lovelies - ate so well and took it all in their stride today

16 Sep

Back to Forest School!

In Forest School this week we noticed that our apple trees are full of fruit. After picking the apples we segmented them, dipped them in cinnamon sugar and toasted them over the campfire................delicious!

14 Sep

Welllie Walk (Fledglings)

Wellie walk, discovery and fruit time … morning gang are getting these routines sorted … what superstars 

9 Sep

Making at Sunset (Year 2)

We mixed red and yellow to make orange and created a sunset. We then added silhouettes of African animals!

20 Jul

Learning about Mining (Year 5)

For our term 6 topic 'Mining' we visited Kent Mining Museum. 
The children gained lots of new knowledge about our local history and geography. They enjoyed holding archived items, exploring the museum, as well as hearing from a real miner

20 Jul

Making Dragons Eyes! (Year 2)

Making dragons eyes from clay in Year 2

5 Jun

WW2 Gonks (Year 5)

DT - sewing
In year 5, the children have made WW2 Gonks, as their DT project. They have has to show lots of perseverance and collaboration to learn to sew. They look amazing! 

27 May

Learning about plants (Year 1)

The Koala's have been learning about plants in Science. As we have been reading 'Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk', we decided to grow our own beanstalks - and even investigated if a jelly bean would actually grow into a beanstalk. 
We learnt that beans need light and water to grow (but not too much…

27 May

Geography Field Work (Year 2)

For our geography fieldwork we have been thinking about which location in our school grounds would be best for creating a wildlife garden.  One of our fieldwork activities was to collect different habitats, find woodlice, leave them over night and see which habitat suited them the best.  After 24…

25 May

Super Subtractions (Fledglings)

Some super subtraction with Miss Beck! 
We started with a full bus load of dinosaurs, then rolled the dice. We had to take that many dinosaurs away and work out how many we were left with. We did so well!